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Published 2021



There are four volumes to the 5th edition! Volumes 1 & 2 are the treatment guidelines for the most common medical diagnoses and surgical procedures specific to the upper extremity. Volume 3 is a set of patient handouts in English. Volume 4 is a set of patient handouts in Spanish. Each order includes all four volumes. There are over 300 pages in each volume. The manual has definitely expanded!  


The 1st edition of the manual was written in 1983. It was created to provide general therapy guidelines for the fellows managing our patients day to day. Over time, our guests and fellows were interested in having the information in their clinical settings.  


With each new edition the manual has grown both in content and in popularity with physicians, therapists, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, case managers, rehab nurses, athletic trainers, among others. Medical settings, such as hospitals and clinics, have found the manual serving as a valuable foundation for safe and effective treatment guidelines for patient care.  


The authors have found the treatment guidelines and patient handouts particularly valuable. It is for this reason, we are happy to share this information with colleagues around the country and around the world. It is believed that through the collective sharing of all our knowledge and expertise, we are able to strengthen the quality of patient care and patient outcomes.


We are hopeful this long-awaited edition will meet your expectations and serve as a valuable resource as you care for your patients.



The “Diagnosis and Treatment Manual for Physicians & Therapists” is now in its fifth edition. The manual should serve as a resource for physicians, therapists, physician assistants, nurses, nurse practitioners, case managers, athletic trainers and other health care professionals managing patients with hand and upper extremity medical conditions or injuries. This manual is not meant to be an absolute of treatment, nor is it meant to provide some type of “cookbook” approach for treating the extensive listing of diagnoses and surgical procedures contained within this manual. Instead, the information is intended to serve as the foundation for developing a customized treatment program for the patient. The authors feel it is vitally important to have this level of understanding. Each individual patient’s medical history, medical condition, injury and/or surgery are unique to that individual. Each medical professional’s expertise and judgment is essential for tailoring the patient’s therapy program to the individual patient and modifying the treatment plan over time, according to the patient’s progress or lack thereof. I believe the manual meets this purpose.

Contributing Authors - Former Editions

Numerous therapists, who have worked at The Hand Rehabilitation Center of Indiana since 1978, have contributed to this manual in one way or another. They may have assisted with the written work, created a new orthotic design, unveiled a new treatment pearl or demonstrated excellent outcomes with their approach to direct patient care. To a person, they have made valuable contributions to patient outcomes. I am proud to have worked with these outstanding professionals through the years and recognize them for their contributions. Those former therapists include:

Megan Albright, OTD, MS, OTR, CHT

Cheri Alexy, OTR

William Barteau, OTR

Bonnie Beal, OTR, CHT

Susan Bodnyk, OTR

Elena Tuason Bolin, MS, OTR, CHT

Melanie Brady, OTR

Stacy Brisco, OTR

Roberta Bromley, OTR

Jenny Brunt, MS, OTR

Mary Cassidy Burns, OTR/L, CHT

Cheri Bush, OTR, CHT

Corey Chadwick, OTR, CHT

Michael Davis Cheshire, OTD, OTR, CHT

Kim Chiappetta, MS, OTR

Jennifer Cieslak, MS, OTR

Barb Cook, OTR, CHT

Janine Vincent Cornell, MS, OTR

Connie Ranly Crum, OTR/L, CHT

Nancy Ditzler, OTR

Leslie Edgecomb, OTR

Sue Farney-Mokris, OTR, CHT

Elaine Fess, OTD, OTR, FAOTA, CHT

Rebecca Foltz, OTR

Karen Foulks, OTR, CHT

Jill Francisco, OTR

Kathy Fry, MA, OTR

Yvonne Raducha Fulton, OTR/L, CHT

Karen Gettle, MBA, OTR

Susan Gentile, OTR, CHT

Tara Galles, OTR

Laura Griffard, OT, CHT

Jessica Grogan, MOTR, CHT

Sue Hale, OTR/L, CHT

Pat Hall, MS, OTR

Jennifer Hartman, OTR

Traci Hartrich, OTR

Albert Hendricks, Jr., OTR, CHT

Shannon Hendricks, OTR, CHT

Gail Herendeen, OTR

Amanda Hessel, OTR

Robin Janson, OTD, CHT

Kevin Kathman, OTR

Nancy Keesling, COTA

Amy Kiesler, MS, OTR/L

Jan Koepfer, OTR

Kim Kraft, PT, DPT, CHT

Melanie Lauck, OTR

Jody Lee, MOT, OTR, CHT

Sarah Lettelleir, PT, MS

Sue Lewis, OTR, CHT

Evan Lines, MOT, OTR

Susan Mannarino, OTR/L, CHT

Nikki Maxwell, OTR

Melissa McCollum, OTR

Tammy McKee, MS, OTR, CHT

Todd Meller, OTR, CHT

Brad Menke, MPA, OTR

Brad Michelson, OTR/L, CHT

Jessica Weiss Molin, OTR

Brenda Dalton Myamoto, OTR/L

Anne Mummert, OTR, CHT

Linda Murphy, OTR

Kelly Nye, OTR

Amanda Petker, MS, OTR

Holly Renard, OTR, CHT

Jeanne Riggs, OTR, CHT

Chris Riordan, OTR, CHT, COMT/UE

Sally Roscetti, OTR, CHT

Angie Bailey Sajdyk, OTR

Jeff Sala, OTR, CHT

Tammy Sands, OTR, CHT

Sandy Schulhof, OTR

Cindy Smith, OTR, CHT

Maureen Stark, OTR

Julie Tague, OTR

Kristin Neal Taylor, OTR

Amy Turner, MHPE, OTR, CHT

Jody Turner, OTR, PTA, CHT

Amanda Wickenkamp, OTR

Tammi Wilham, MS, OTR/L, CHT 

Lisa Wilhelm, OTR

Dawn Simpson-Yunker, OTR

Bridget Callahan Zaro, OTR, CHT

Contributing Authors – 5th Edition

The current therapists with the Indiana Hand to Shoulder Center contribute outstanding patient care each and every day. Through the years, each therapist has unselfishly shared their knowledge and expertise in patient treatment with fellow colleagues. It is the hope of each co-author (identified in this manual) that the quality of patient care and patient outcomes will be strengthened by the information shared within this written work.  


In order to compile a manual of this nature, extraordinary guidance and input has been provided through the years by the surgeons of The Indiana Hand to Shoulder Center. Those hand surgeons include:


Current Surgeons


William B. Kleinman, MD, Thomas J. Fischer, MD, Robert M. Baltera, MD, Jeffrey A. Greenberg, MD, Thomas D. Kaplan, MD, Gregory A. Merrell, MD, Nicholas E. Crosby, MD, Kathryn M. Peck, MD, Reed W. Hoyer, MD and Brandon S. Smetana, MD


Their endless contributions to hand surgery and hand therapy have aided immensely in establishing the treatment programs recommended in this manual.  Their expertise has enhanced the quality of patient care throughout the world.


- Nancy M. Cannon, OTR, CHT - Editor


DEDICATION - 5th Edition  

Founding Directors - The Hand Rehabilitation Center of Indiana

Elaine Fess and Karan Gettle were the visionaries that created a strong foundation for hand therapy at the Indiana Hand to Shoulder Center. Their commitment to the highest quality of patient care and medical education is exemplified in this written work. The manual is dedicated in their honor.


Elaine E. Fess, OTD, OTR, FAOTA, CHT

Karan H. Gettle, MS, OTR

Hand Fellows

Since 1975, the Indiana Hand to Shoulder Center has been privileged to have an exceptional group of hand fellows each and every year. The fellows join the practice and play an integral role in patient care and unselfishly share their expertise. Throughout their careers, they have made endless contributions to research, medical publications and actively participating in professional organizations.  Therefore, in addition to our founding directors, it is an honor to dedicate this 5th edition to our current and past fellows.

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