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Patient handouts can play an integral role in achieving a successful outcome. When the information in the handouts is easy to understand and the pictures demonstrate how to perform the various exercises, the handouts can help the patient perform their home therapy program more effectively. This alone can play an important role in achieving a quality outcome.


The patient handouts are in both English and Spanish. It is hopeful the Spanish version helps clarify the home program and is of great benefit to a large patient population. [The English version of the handout replicates the Spanish version. This should make therapists feel confident the Spanish version is identical and the exercises can be circled with confidence.]


With each handout, it is anticipated the therapist will circle the specific exercises best suited for the individual patient. This includes identifying the timing, the frequency and duration of the exercises.


Therapists are encouraged to maintain copies of the each patient’s home program, along with the precautions, in the medical record.  


Please understand the patient handouts are copyrighted. With that stated, please know you are welcome to copy the handouts once you have received written permission to reproduce the handouts. Go to permissions page to complete the permission form.

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