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When did the Indiana Hand to Shoulder Center write the first edition of the Diagnosis and Treatment Manual?

The manual was created in 1983 to assist the hand fellows and newer therapists with safely starting patients in therapy during the optimal timeframe.  


Why do you permit therapists to copy the patient handouts?

Our practice has a special interest in quality patient education. As a part of quality education, we learned “decades” ago that providing the patient with clear and concise patient handouts makes a difference in achieving a quality outcome. In addition, philosophically, we have always shared our knowledge openly with fellow colleagues around the country and around the world. We believe it is important to continue sharing our information to benefit more than our patients alone.


How do you recommend using the information in the manual?

As emphasized in the introduction and in the preface, the treatment guidelines and time frames are meant to serve as the baseline, the foundation for establishing a customized therapy program for each patient. As we all know, there are numerous variables that may facilitate or delay recovery. With that awareness, it is essential to modify the treatment and timing accordingly. The manual provides a series of quality guidelines that can safely progress a patient, along with treatment pearls that can make quite a difference in a patient’s outcome. 


Please keep in mind, the manual is not meant to be an absolute of treatment. It is meant to serve as the framework for establishing the optimal therapy and home program week to week. And, as we all know, there is more than one way to reach the same quality outcome.


Who may I contact if I have a question or two about patient treatment?

Please send an email to to route your question to one of our senior therapists. We will follow up with you within a week. All of our therapists are happy to discuss patient treatment with you!


What are the best ways to print patient handouts, once written permission is received?

Ideally, you will want to print from the pdf on a color printer. This is our approach.  We view the printed patient handouts as a reflection of the high standards of our practice. The second best option is printing a black and white copy from the pdf. Printing from a copier is the least effective. Lowering the resolution of the brightness may help with the images.


Who should I contact if I have a question about my order?

You should contact Fineline Printing. They are responsible for processing all manual orders. The contact information for Fineline Printing is as follows:


Will you be selling each of the four volumes separately?

There are no plans to sell individual volumes. The four volumes are sold as one set.

Do you accept purchase orders (PO's)?

We are a busy medical practice with direct patient care our priority. Purchase orders add steps and time which our staff cannot add to our busy schedules.

Will you be making available an e-book version of these manuals?

Yes, the electronic (PDF) version of the manuals will be available in February 2022. 

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