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reproduction permission requests

Please recognize the Diagnosis and Treatment Manual for Physicians & Therapists is copyrighted and serves as a privately published written work. No portion of the written work may be reproduced without written permission. With this identified, the Indiana Hand to Shoulder Center supports the education of fellow colleagues and providing quality patient instruction with patient handouts. Thus, once permission has been granted, portions of the written work may be reproduced for the specific reasons identified.


In part, the manual has been created to limit the need to create treatment guidelines or patient handouts. It is the intent of the editor and co-authors to provide access to the information and the ability to reproduce the information for patients and for clinicians alike.


By completing the permission form, healthcare providers may reproduce portions of the manual specific to treatment guidelines or patient handouts.


Permission to reproduce content may be granted for the following purposes:

  •     Providing patients with patient handouts

  •     Teaching a class – college or university

  •     Teaching – worksite staff education (e.g. in-service)

  •     Teaching – at a course or meeting [local – state – national – international]

  •     Referring patients to another facility and sending therapist treatment guidelines or patient handouts specific to the patient


As all clinicians would expect, permission will NOT be granted to reproduce an entire manual.


Permission to reproduce segments of this written work will be granted to a medical facility (i.e. hospital, medical center, university, clinic, etc.) but NOT to an individual clinician. Requests will be considered exclusively for facilities that have purchased the manuals.


It is expected the medical facility will acknowledge the original source of the written work as the Indiana Hand to Shoulder Center on any reproduced written work distributed to patients or other clinicians.


Fill out the permission form below. Please allow one week for a response. Thank you..  


Please fill out the following form to request permission to use the Patient Handouts and or Treatment Guidelines. List the specific, individual patient handouts &/or treatment guidelines you are requesting to reproduce. 

Permission requested to copy Patient Handouts and/or Treatment Guidelines (Mark all that Apply)

Thanks for submitting request!

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